No way back

Sammy Greyfox takes on a new case – who killed Sherlock Holmes?

When a local private investigator is killed, Sammy Greyfox is asked to investigate a case that will stretch her to the max, or will it be beyond?

Possible suspects lay in the usual places. Family, the past, and in open cases where the private investigator may have stumbled upon something that someone does not want known. These alternatives lead Sammy down many different paths, but can she find the right one before others must die?

A pastor provides food and shelter for the homeless, but as they start going missing, is there a more sinister side to his benevolence, or is he as innocent as he seems?

Sammy has less than twenty four hours to prevent someone dying in excruciating agony on Christmas eve. But even as she throws herself into this, she is faced with another more personal terror.

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