Eli Ross series

It’s seven years since Eli Ross lost his wife to Cancer.

Since then, convinced that love has no place in his life, he has dedicated himself to bringing justice and closure to the families and friends of victims.

Through this series, Eli and his team in Brooklyn South Precinct, face challenging cases, some of which will push them to their limits.

One night, while volunteering to help in a drug raid, Eli prevents a young sex worker, Shelley, from ending her life. He buys her a meal and they talk through the night.

After this, he helps her through rehab as her sponsor, then offers her a room in his apartment until she can find her feet. Company for Eli of sorts, and although he doesn’t realize it at the time, a blessing.

Two years later, Eli’s nephew, Ollie, comes to live with them, having lost both parents in a tragic road traffic accident. Ollie has been diagnosed as Autistic with Attention Deficit Disorder, and doesn’t speak.

Although Eli thought his work was challenging, it pales in comparison to taking on a twelve-year-old like Ollie, for Ollie is far from a normal twelve-year-old. But not in a way that he might have expected.

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