Dark Matter

One apartment, three people. Two killers, one soul.


Eli Ross, a veteran NYPD homicide detective, Shelley, a former sex worker, and Ollie, the twelve-year-old autistic son of Eli’s late sister, share an apartment. As Eli and his team hunt not one but two serial killers, Ollie is revealed as a savant with extraordinary capabilities only matched by his lack of emotional intelligence.

As the pressure at work ramps up, FBI agent Sally Cope joins the hunt, and when she discovers Ollie’s amazing abilities, she risks her career by offering him an FBI consultancy contract.

While Ross and Cope focus on finding two killers, along with Shelley, they must also help Ollie navigate a world in which he is ill-equipped to survive. But guiding a savant is a formidable challenge, especially when he has a target on his back.