Russian Brides

Book 1
The Sammy Greyfox series

An utterly addictive page-turner that will keep you reading through the night. You will not see the end coming!

An internet service is introducing wealthy Floridian retirees and beautiful Russian women. Everyone seems happy – until the retirees start dying.

A mass grave is excavated in Collier State Park, revealing the bodies of newborn babies – each unspeakably mutilated.

Detective Sammy Greyfox from the Sheriff’s Office in Naples, Florida, becomes involved in both investigations as she unravels a deadly tangled web of chilling evil which will haunt her forever.

In her confused personal life she has to fight her own menacing demons. Demons which may want her to take a life.

In the end, she will face a race against time to prevent another child’s death. But will she be in time? And will she survive the consequences?

The Sammy Greyfox series

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