Head of the snake

Book 4
The Sammy Greyfox series

Seven days and not a minute more – real pressure.

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Sammy Greyfox stumbles into a new case that would challenge the combined talents of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot.

With her Sergeant on a short-term assignment elsewhere, Sammy is left in charge and quickly forms a team of detectives to work the case.

As in all cases, she starts with weapon, access and motive. Simple enough. Unless you have five people with all of these, and a good possibility of more?

Everything seems in control until the Sheriff receives a threat that an officer will be killed every day until he reopens the case of a convicted cop-killer on death row, due to be executed in seven days time.

In a race against time, will Sammy confirm his guilt, or save him from a lethal injection? And what will be the consequences either way?

The Sammy Greyfox series

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