The Phantom

Book 2
The Dan Weissman series

When your moral compass is confused – which way do you turn?

The Director of the CIA’s Cyber-Tech division discovers a computer-intelligence roaming freely within supposedly highly-secure government systems and databases.

Although his first duty is to bring this individual to justice, the more he uncovers about this unique person’s abilities, the more interesting and useful he becomes, causing the Director to challenge his own view of right and wrong.

Sergeant Dan Weissman is drawn into a further complex case which has him travel the length and breadth of the country as part of a multi-agency task force, helping to track down the person responsible for the death of the President and the terrorist attack on the Whitehouse.

In Dan Weissman’s absence, his Deputy in Naples, Florida – Detective Sammy Greyfox – is charged with revisiting the conviction of a cop-killer on death row with only one week before his execution date. If she doesn’t do so, more cops will die.

Russian President Zublet piles political pressure on the new US Presidential appointee on both domestic and international fronts to distract her from his own longer term goals.

The Dan Weissman series

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