Seminole Killer

A Dan Weissman novel

A serial killer unearthed from the grave. What would you do if pure evil disturbed your sleep?

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One-by-one, members of the Seminole American-Indian Nation are being slaughtered by a serial killer the like of which has never been seen before – where the killer leaves every trace a Detective could wish for at each crime scene, then disappears into the shadows.

Dan Weissman – a Detective Sergeant with the Naples Sheriff’s Office in Florida, is charged with bringing this killer to justice – but how can he find a killer who is four hundred years old? A mystery he must solve if he is to save those closest to him.

Tommy Blue Johns – a local Native American reporter – thought he had left the traditional ways of his people behind, yet is drawn back to defend his Nation, not just from corrupt Politics, but also evil incarnate itself.

Psychologist Luisa del Roy moves to Florida for a new beginning, little realizing that she has a long-standing debt to pay – an ancient debt incurred by forces beyond her understanding.

The Dan Weissman series

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