End Of The World

Book 3
The Dan Weissman series

Would you attack if you knew you couldn’t win?

Russian President Zublet resorts to applying psychological pressure on the US President – this time of a much more personal nature. Simultaneously he ramps up the chaos caused by organized crime groups across the US, and Daesh terrorist activity in Europe, while the US President struggles in vain to get European political attention to Zublet’s manoeuvrings.

The Fifth Fleet suffers a debilitating attack in the Atlantic, revealing how vulnerable the US President’s upcoming military decisions are likely to be.

Sergeant Dan Weissman takes on a more personal responsibility as he starts tracking down twelve under-age girls trafficked into the US by one of the Brighton Beach Gang.

Detective Sammy Greyfox, having successfully achieved the release of Ed Dexter from death row, must now find the real cop killer. Could it be the man who first brought Dan Weissman into the Department twelve years before? Her Lieutenant?

The Dan Weissman series

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