About The Books


If you are looking for a fast-moving thriller series – ‘Sammy Greyfox Thrillers’ by Hugh Macnab is one for you. The main plotline introduces the readers to the Native American Indian detective – Sammy Greyfox, who has specialized in homicide cases and stands as one of the two female detectives within the Naples Sheriff’ office in Florida. Her connections with the victims surpass her relationships with those closest to her, as she possesses a great understanding of what the deceased seek from her and the boundaries within which she is willing to extend her assistance.

‘Sammy Greyfox Thrillers’ is a series that consists of five books. The first book, ‘Russian Brides’, is a story about the detective Sammy Greyfox who finds herself tuck in a web of horror when internet service connecting wealthy retirees with attractive Russian women takes an unexpected turn.

The retirees’ joy quickly turns to despair as a series of mysterious deaths unfold. As Sammy explores the investigations, she finds a shocking revelation – an unearthed mass grave in Collier State Park harbouring brutally mutilated newborn babies. She uncovers darkness that will haunt her forever while struggling with her personal life as well. As the race against time intensifies, would she be able to prevent another child from meeting a tragic fate or succeed in time?

‘Crossing the Line’ is the second thriller book from the series where detective Sammy embarks on another hunt. She is introduced to another case when a narcotics detective falls victim to a brutal slaying. This homicide proves to be anything but straightforward, leading Sammy to confront a serial killer of unparalleled cunning, crossing the boundaries of what the FBI has encountered. Amidst the turmoil, she meets two women, one of which bewitches her senses while the other extends a lifeline, but the cost of salvation is unknown. 

‘No Way Back’ is the third one from the series, highlights the journey of Sammy Greyfox as she joins the esteemed ranks of renowned female sleuths Atlee Pine, Renée Ballard, and Lindsay Boxer, carving her place among them with her astute investigative skills. When a local private investigator meets an unexpected end, the detective is thrust into another case.

The potential culprits are often found in between family and friends, as well as in unresolved cases where the victim might have inadvertently stumbled upon dangerous secrets. As Sammy explores more, she finds herself caught in a labyrinth of possibilities, desperately searching for the right path before more lives are lost. Sammy also encounters a pastor known for his altruism, providing food and shelter to the homeless. Yet, as individuals under his care begin to vanish mysteriously, Sammy is forced to confront the possibility of a sinister underbelly to his façade. Is he truly innocent or harbouring dark secrets? With less than twenty-four hours, Sammy must prevent a horrifying death on Christmas Eve, sparing someone from another tragedy. Would she be able to succeed?

In the fourth book, ‘Head of the Snake’, Sammy meets a woman on the beach, which sets the storyline for this book. The web of lies tests the patience of Sammy passing the brilliance of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. As the acting lead in the Homicide department, the detective finds herself in the middle of an investigation that seems to be under control. Anonymous threats force her to confront a race against time. With time Sammy learns that capturing a killer is just the beginning, and she must go the way even when the odds are stacked against her, unsure if she will return.

In the final part, ‘Lost Souls’, Sammy becomes a member of an important task force T.E.N.S Trafficking Ends Now), which is Washington. Her collaboration with the FBI, Homeland Security, and the CIA helps her to embark on another mission to rescue twelve underage children from the hands of evil. This leads her into the heart of darkness, where she meets people who prioritize profit above everything, even if it costs the lives of innocent people. Sammy will witness the depths to which humanity can sink while facing the harsh realities of people who go beyond the boundaries of humanity.