Meet Hugh Macnab

The renowned author of the detective series, ‘Sammy Greyfox Thrillers’ – Hugh Macnab- was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, and proudly embraces his Scottish heritage. During his varied career, he was fortunate enough to work in the USA, Switzerland, and France. Since retirement, he has settled in rural Cheshire, England, with his long-term partner, whom he considers his better half.

During an apprenticeship with British Telecom, he learned to climb telegraph poles, install underground cables, and maintain telephone exchange equipment, all the while studying at night school and day-release college. When BT refused to sponsor him to university, he quit and enrolled in Electronic Engineering at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, funded by working long hours behind a bar.

After this, he worked in Engineering at Hewlett Packard in South Queens ferry, ultimately becoming Production Manager for the Microwave Measurement System products designed there, before going to Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), where he held many different roles, including European Business Management and ultimately, project managing the closure of six plants worldwide.

Next, he left the computer industry and retrained as a Psychotherapist and established his own private practice in Cheshire, helping many people struggling with a wide range of mental health concerns and complex life issues.

During this time, he created a website that provided free support to people suffering from Anxiety or Depression. This was hugely successful and helped people in fifty-seven countries around the world before he had to close the site when retiring, and he no longer had practitioner status.

Reluctant to stop helping people, he has since published books that contain links to a series of self-help videos to continue helping people with anxiety or Depression. Although not free, they are priced to cover print costs and continue the work of the earlier website – The Human Approach.

Hugh shares the joys of life with five middle-aged children and ten grandchildren, along with his partner. For people who are not familiar with the experience of being grandparents, it is true. You get to have them, enjoy them, and then give them back.

When not writing, playing golf, or tennis, he will be making noise with his electric guitars, much to the annoyance of close neighbors. He also likes to confound Bridge partners by not following the standard bidding rules – or sometimes, not any rules at all. He refers to this as intuitive bidding, which is not what his partners call it!

Macnab Clan Motto: Let fear be free from all

The name Macnab comes from the Gaelic Mac an Abu, meaning ‘the son of abbot.’ This suggests very strongly that the founder of the Clan MacNab belonged to the clerical profession. It is believed that he was the Abbot of Glendochart.

Macnabs were renowned for traveling the globe, with emigrants particularly favoring North America and Australia. Sir Allan Macnab became Canada’s Prime Minister in 1854.