Evil from beyond the grave

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Sergeant Dan Weissman – a detective in the Sheriff’s office, Naples, Florida – is faced with his most difficult case yet – catching a serial killer who leaves every possible clue a detective could wish for – yet survives in the shadows of the swampy Everglades.

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Sammy Greyfox Thrillers

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April 1st 2021

Wealthy and powerful Floridian retirees meeting beautiful Russian women – what can possibly go wrong?

July 1st 2021

An addict who abandoned her children, a blackmailer who delivers pain for pleasure. But is she a victim or a killer?

Oct 1st 2021

A business selling torture and death round the world, becomes personal for Sammy when she learns who may be the next victim.

The Megalomania series

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A young girl kidnapped in the dead of the night – her fingers brutally severed. Is this a gruesome hoax? Detective Sergeant Dan Weissman from the Sheriff’s office in Naples, Florida, must decide – ‘Believe it or not?’

Will the CIA Director of Cyber-crime be able to build a relationship of trust with the brilliant phantom hacker, or will he be forced to hunt him down and bring him to justice?

Under pressure from Russia, can the US President convince World leaders to act, or will she have to go it alone?

Chinese Agent Yazhu Xiang fails to convince his Masters of the threat posed by Zublet. A failure from which the Nation may never recover.

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